Amazing short story about Peter Obi

I want to tell you guys an Amazing short story about  Peter Obi.

This was in 2016 when my grandma had passed on.

He and Ichele Awka (former speaker of the Anambra state house of assembly and then a seating member of the House of representatives) came to sign the condolence register.

Peter and my grandma had known since his school days in UNN. She had a very popular restaurant back then in UNN that saw the likes of prominent Nigerians today troop in to have their lunch and dinner.

Well, after he finished school, my grandma never heard from Peter anymore. Until one day, she heard that he’d be attending the burial of the mother of the former Director of an African development bank, which happened to be taking place near our house.

So, on that day, she dressed up and waited for Peter to come. True to her words, Peter Obi recognized her immediately she called his name and said that he’d send someone the following day to see her.

We were all very happy.

Always true to his word

True to his words, Peter sent his PA to see my grandmother, and guess what?

He gave my grandma five thousand nairas in an envelope and left

Yeah, you read right. Five pieces of 1000 naira!

I came back and was expecting to hear good news, but I burst out into laughter the moment I was told.

I mean, right in my presence Big men troop in to give my grandma stuff.

Ichele Awka has in my presence, given my grandma 100000 naira and two bags of rice.

Ken Nnamani and Soludo, the present Governor have all been to our house and everyone around smiled that day. But Peter came and gave her just 5000 naira. It was really funny.

Fast forward to when she died, he came for the burial and he didn’t drop anything. The only thing he did was get enough drinks (mmanya mbalu) with him when coming…

The Anglican priest that officiated that day tried doing what Father Mbaka did, by trying to compel him to make a donation to the church that minute, only that this one didn’t push it.

Peter donated to St Stephen’s church, but, anonymously. No one knew how much he gave.

Well, everything they say about Peter is true. On the day of the condolence and burial, Peter only came with his aide and driver in a Prado jeep. No single security personnel followed him. I mean, a whole former governor!


I made this post in 2018, when Peter was nominated to be the VP of Atiku. It’s 4 years now. Since then, I’ve heard similar stories about Peter Obi.

How when he was still a governor, his nephew faked his own kidnapping in a bid to extort money from him.

When they called Peter Obi to tell him about it, he didn’t act bothered. They had to remind him again.

“Mr. Governor, your nephew has been kidnapped.”

With a wave, he replied;

“I heard you the first time. When he is tired, he’ll come out.”

Indeed, when the nephew was tired, he came out and went to see Peter.

“Are you tired of playing?” He asked him?

“Yes.” The nephew replied.

“Now, what can I do for you?”

He gave him money to start up a wine business and the nephew is currently doing well.

Guess what? When Peter gave his nephew that money for the business, he was still sending people to the shop to keep tabs on what he was up to.

I’ll leave you with this final story. Peter Obi’s Barber had come to the house to cut his hair. When he was done, Peter dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out 500 naira, and gave it to him.

It was the wife who cornered the barber when he was going and added 2000 Naira extra to it.

You might think Peter is a pretender, but that man is not. He’s everything they say he is.

This is a short story about a great man. More is yet to come.


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