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10 Shocking signs of envious friends: Don’t be fooled by appearances

Envious friends may look like they’re happy with themselves and their lives, they may also look like they are happy with you, but they can be secretly miserable and are looking to take you down with them. Look out for these 10 signs that your friend is envious of you, so you can decide if you need to cut that person out of your life or not.


Introduction: What does envious or envy mean

Envy is an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desire it or wishes that the other lacked it. Envy can manifest itself in many ways, such as feelings of resentment or hostility.

The word envy comes from a common root word meaning ill will. It is sometimes associated with covetousness (an intense desire to possess something), which is closely related to greed and lust. For instance, lusting after someone means having them be yours against their will; envy means having them be yours despite their willing participation.

Although envy is generally seen as something negative, it may actually serve several positive functions in human behavior. It creates social equality by allowing people to attain higher social status through non-inherited means, thus providing an incentive for individuals to work harder for what they want out of life.

This also creates equality by ensuring all people have equal opportunity; both people who inherit money/resources and those who do not must work equally hard for what they get out of life.

Now, keep on reading as we look out for these 10 signs that your friend is envious of you, so you can decide if you need to cut that person out of your life or still keep an eye on them.


1. People who hate on your body

Envious friends can sometimes be hard to spot, they may also be very difficult sometimes. You may even have one or two that you aren’t aware of because they hide their feelings behind kind words and compliments. But if you feel like you’re always being criticized or nitpicked, especially about your appearance, it’s time to start considering some real signs of envious friends.

They don’t mean to put down others around them; after all, we all want what we don’t have. Friends who are secretly jealous are often unhappy with themselves and use putting others down as a way to feel better about themselves.

This makes it difficult for people with these types of friendships to maintain healthy relationships over time.  There are many different types of subtle ways in which friends can let you know they wish things were different in your life. Here are just a few shocking signs of envious friends to look out for. If you notice any of these signs in your friend, try talking to her. If she isn’t willing to work on improving her relationship with you, then it might be time to distance yourself from her until she is ready to adjust.


2. People who hate on your possessions

If you think that it’s impossible to be envious of someone, you are wrong. Just have a look at your friend’s faces when they see you in your new car. Or when they see your new house or designer clothes. They may say they like what you have and enjoy seeing all those things, but be careful of what their facial expressions show.

Their envy can come out from hiding and lead them to do stupid things. That’s why it is important to pay attention on people who you trust with all your heart and don’t want them to turn against you one day just because they saw something that would make them feel better than yourself. This is why we wrote these signs of envy so you could avoid being a victim! Don’t let other people drag you down to their level.

Always be positive and stay away from negative comments. You will never regret it! Don’t get fooled by jealous friends or acquaintances; when others lie about how much money they have I am not jealous of my colleague whose salary is higher than mine.

It does not bother me at all if he earns more money. However, when he lies about his income and says that he makes less than me, then I start to wonder why? Maybe it’s because he wants to hide his real income from his wife? Maybe she doesn’t know how much her husband actually makes per month? Maybe she thinks that her husband works fewer hours than him and hence gets paid less? Or maybe she knows exactly how much her husband makes per month but pretends she doesn’t know anything. Why should anyone pretend anything?


3. People who make negative comments about your dating life

sad beautiful woman with folded arms fashionable clothes against kissing couple 2
Portrait of a gorgeous caucasian woman in stylish elegant clothes and make-up looking away with crossed arms against a kissing couple in the street. Cheating concept. Third wheel.

The first sign of a person being envious of your relationships is when they make negative comments about your dating life. Instead of congratulating you for finding love, they’ll focus on how you must have gone through a lot to find him or how their cousin would be better than him anyway.

Listen carefully to any friend who tries to badmouth your relationship; often, that kind of negativity is masking their own jealousy towards you. Friends with unhealthy habits and poor personal hygiene: You might not realize it at first, but if your best friend is someone who smokes regularly or rarely takes care of themselves physically, they could end up resenting you in time.

Friends with toxic attitudes: Friends can become jealous if they know you are doing well and living an enjoyable life because it makes them feel inadequate and like they aren’t doing enough with their lives. Friends who always need something from you.

If your friend seems like they need something from you all of the time, chances are good that they will become envious if you start getting what they want. For example, if you get promoted at work while one of your closest friends stays stagnant in their career path, there’s a chance he or she will turn into an enemy over time.


4. People who criticize how you spend your time and money

Just know that they are not true friends if they point out every flaw you have, especially when it comes to your career. This person may be bitter about his or her job and lash out at yours, not because he or she wants you to do better but because it makes him or her feel better about their own situation.

Sometimes envious friends aren’t necessarily evil; many envy others out of ignorance or lack of self-confidence. That said, these people can still cause problems in your life. Keep them around only if they are truly valuable to you. And don’t forget that there are always two sides to every story.

A little bit of extra effort can go a long way toward making things right again with an envious friend who has been on the receiving end of one too many barbs from you. As much as possible, try to put yourself in his or her shoes.

What would make you feel happy? How would you want someone else to treat you? Ask questions and offer solutions instead of criticism. Before doing anything else, though, consider whether you really want to salvage your relationship with an envious friend at all costs.


5. The mean girls of the office

tired sad young pretty woman sitting table working laptop co working office wearing glasses stress work funny emotion student class room frustration
tired sad young pretty woman sitting at the table working on laptop in a co-working office, wearing glasses, stressed at work, funny emotion, a student in classroom, frustration

It may sound like an episode of Mean Girls, but believe it or not, backstabbing and catty behavior does happen in offices. We all know someone who fits into one or more categories on our list. If you have an ‘envious friend’ (also known as a bitchy co-worker), get ready to take your relationships with her to another level, the one where they no longer matter at all.

Just kidding… kind of! While we can’t give you specific advice for dealing with each type of envious friend, we can tell you that if there’s something going on that’s bothering you, don’t be afraid to address it head-on. And always remember that these people are toxic and should be avoided whenever possible.

That said, sometimes avoiding them is impossible; when that happens try to keep things cordial while doing what you can to avoid their influence. Because even though you may be stuck working alongside an envious friend, that doesn’t mean she has to steal your joy. Here are some surefire ways to deal with each type of coworker from hell.


6. The person who always complains about their problems, but never does anything to fix them

You may have a friend who always complains about everything that’s wrong in their life, while at the same time they do nothing to fix those problems. Envious friends will often appear to be highly dissatisfied with their own lives, even when they are doing relatively well.

This may make them seem negative or jealous, but it’s important not to be fooled by these looks. Just because someone appears to be unhappy doesn’t mean they actually are. The key is to look for specific signs and patterns in behavior before you jump to conclusions.

They don’t talk about what makes them happy, only what makes them unhappy: One of the most common signs of an envious friend is that he never talks about what makes him happy; instead, he constantly talks about all his problems and dissatisfactions.

For example, if you ask your friend how his weekend was and he tells you it was terrible because it rained every day, and then goes on to complain about how miserable rain makes him feel, you may have an envious friend on your hands. You see, when people are genuinely satisfied with their lives they usually find things to be grateful for or happy about, even in bad weather!


7. A friend that resents you for achieving your goals

I know you have big goals and everything, but it’s not about them, it’s about ME! Envious friends are never happy for you when something great happens in your life. Instead, they will attempt to one-up you and bring you down.

If a friend doesn’t care about what makes YOU happy, move on before she steals all your joy. Here are some signs that you might be dealing with an envious friend:


8. She’s never excited about your success

When a true friend hears good news from you, they would normally respond with excitement and positive encouragement. An envious friend is only excited if they can find some way to take away from what happened. Most times, she won’t share her successes because then she wouldn’t stand out no matter how much help she needs or gets.

A friendship without gratitude is no friendship at all! In a situation like this, she doesn’t want to hear about your plans. If an envious friend isn’t interested in hearing about your goals and dreams, which should be a huge red flag. She might claim it makes her uncomfortable when you talk about things like that but in reality, she just doesn’t want you getting ahead of her! If someone truly cares about you, they will encourage you to succeed, not resent you every time something great happens in your life.


9. They gossip behind your back all the time

Jealousy, as it turns out, is alive and well when you’re in a happy relationship. Envious friends can be vicious with their passive-aggressive gossip. If a friend constantly makes digs at your spouse, it’s a sure sign that they don’t want you to succeed in life. A healthy friendship will see you grow stronger together. An unhealthy one will hold you back.

Your significant other gets along better with your friends than you do, The worst part about having an envious friend is seeing how much more fun he or she has without you around! Even if things aren’t great between you two, chances are your partner will still get along better with him or her than he or she does with you. If you notice that your spouse spends more time talking to a mutual friend than they do to you, it might be time to reevaluate your friendship and see what’s really going on behind closed doors.

They make passive-aggressive comments all the time, especially in your absence, envious friends don’t want to hurt your feelings directly—they just want to remind you that they wish they were in your shoes. This can manifest itself in many ways, but one of the most common is through passive-aggressive comments.


10 Your significant other doesn’t trust you anymore

If you feel like your significant other is no longer confident in your loyalty, or doesn’t trust you as much anymore, there may be a reason for it. Envious friends might have told your loved one that they know that you are cheating on them.

Don’t beat around the bush and pretend to not know what they are talking about if your loved one confronts you about it. The best thing to do is tell them exactly what happened. Letting your loved one down easy isn’t going to help matters any; they need to hear from you exactly why things didn’t work out with someone else, even if it was just a fling.

And keep in mind that while having an envious friend isn’t good for any relationship, telling your significant other will likely be more helpful than anything else at keeping things together between you two moving forward. Once you get past whatever bumps in the road that jealousy-induced conversation presents, things should go back to normal fairly quickly.

An angry letter to an envious friend: If none of these tips help and your jealous feelings persist over time, then it might be time to take some sort of action against your jealous feelings before they cause permanent damage to your friendship (or other relationships). One option is writing a letter expressing how angry you are with your jealous friend, and letting them know how their actions made you feel.


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