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If you are asking this question because you want to achieve more success, the first thing you need to bear in mind is that you do not compete with anyone. This question on how do you change your mindset always comes up, especially when one is on a journey of self-discovery.

If you read this article to the end it will help you to change your mindset and understand yourself deeper and better than you do before now. you will be able to give the answer you seek.

Keywords: Self-knowledge, Motivation, Mindset, Self Actualization, Inner peace.

 What is mindset? And how do you change your mindset?

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The shape of human’s mind

Let me remind you that your mindset is what stands between you and success and repeated failure.  To the best of my knowledge, mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by an individual or group of people. This means that it is an already established set of attitudes arising from within and inside of you. It can be said to also be your philosophy of life.

Let me remind you that your mindset actually influences and affects your thought. It also influences your actions and therefore turns out to become your reality.

 Shifting your mindset

Learning how to shift or grow from a mindset that no longer serves or provides you with the motivation and comfort you need to take a greater and more calculated risk. And also putting in check, the anxiety and nervousness that could arise due to the uncertainty of the future is actually the beginning of your success.

This is why knowing how to change your mindset is an important factor in your personal growth and achieving success.

So here are the steps to take in other to get a positive result whenever that question of how you can change your mindset comes up.

 1. Always chose what you say to yourself carefully and wisely

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Man staying alone and talking to himself

It is so important to mind what we say to ourselves Because what we say to ourselves over and over again may soon become our reality. Always remember that you are what you call yourself.

Don’t you know that speaking things into existence is also applicable to what we say to ourselves? Most times, we are our biggest critics. Many people have this habit of speaking words that will so belittle them and reduce them to nothing.

It is so important that we always remember that our thought becomes our words. Our words become our actions and so our actions build our character and character becomes reality. Our mindset is been influenced by the things we tell ourselves. Therefore, replacing negative words with positive ones will go a long way in making all the difference.

 2.  Adjust your motivation

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An imaginary image of self-motivation

Another great way to change your mindset is to change your reason for doing things. Your motivation for doing things can affect how and the way you see the outcome or the result of what you did.

It is not about the choices that you make, it is what you make of those choices. Sometimes, we want to succeed at something but the reason we want to succeed at that particular thing may be completely out of it. So the actions you take to get there reflect your reality.  This is the reason I still believe that changing the reason you are doing something will affect the way you go about accomplishing it.

For example, if you are baking a cake just for your personal consumption, that cake will end up looking so casual or personal. But if you are baking that same cake for someone’s birthday celebration, especially when you are going to be paid for it, that cake will end up looking so beautiful and attractive.

Simply changing the motivation behind your actions can make all the difference in the result that you will produce.

Hope that is well understood? Ok, let us continue.

 3. Learn to take responsibility

Many of us have formed the bad habit of giving a defensive excuse instead of taking responsibility for our actions and figuring out proper ways to go about solving our problems. sometimes they do this because they believe it helps them shy away from the shame.

Those habits quickly turn to blame others for our mistakes. Accepting the unavoidable responsibility and believing the reality that may be too far from the truth can go a long way in helping you change your mindset for good. This will also help us in this great journey of discovering who we are.

 4. Reduce your speed

you heard me right, reducing your speed. I have already said in the first paragraph that you are not in competition with anyone. So reducing your speed at this time is a great way the change your mindset. Because you have to slow down to process the what, the where, and thee why you had or you are having that action.

Slowing down does not mean that you are less effective, It does not also mean that you are not going to end up with the desired result.

One of the major reasons you have to reduce your speed this time is that you need to observe and put in check the factors in your reality that no longer serve you better. Again, when you rush, you will not be able to pay attention to the details and you are likely to miss them.


You just have to concentrate and focus your mind on the picture of your destination and where you aim to be. By doing this, you will be able to change to a better action that will enable you to get to your desired destination.

The major and important factor that needed to be observed on your way to changing your mindset is that you should always remember that you are not in completion with anyone in your life and you are not in a race with anyone on this journey.


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