How to Overcome Challenges: Top 10 Proven Ways

How to overcome challenges? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? When you’re facing some big challenge in your life, such as quitting smoking or learning to play an instrument, it can seem impossible to know how to move forward. But the truth is that with enough knowledge and motivation, you can get past nearly any challenge in your life and achieve the results you want. Let’s take a look at 10 proven ways to overcome challenges so that you can be better prepared for whatever obstacles come your way.


1. Share it with others

A young woman sharing his problems with friends
A young woman sharing her problems with friends

When you’re trying to overcome a challenge, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own head. As a result, you might end up dwelling on things that could only make you feel worse. When that happens, it’s time to share what you’re going through with others, whether in person or over social media.

Whether it helps or not is beside the point; simply knowing that others have gone through similar struggles is comforting and something we can all relate to. Plus, talking about challenges can help us gain new perspectives on them and come up with creative solutions.

There are few things more frustrating than feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, especially when there are no clear answers around how to get out of it. One way to overcome challenges is by getting moving; whether it’s taking a walk outside or dancing around your living room, exercise has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress levels.

And if nothing else, physical activity will distract you from whatever challenge is plaguing you for at least an hour (which is really all that matters).


2. Belief in yourself

yourself overlay word young people
Yourself overlay word young people

You can overcome any challenge if you believe in yourself. Nothing great is achieved without a little faith, and we’re not just talking religion here, believe in your abilities, even when you’re exhausted and your brain has gone to mush.

You can always do it, no matter how bad things get. Just keep pushing forward and know that there will be better days ahead. Be optimistic. Don’t give up: Have a Plan B. Having a backup plan is critical for overcoming challenges.

When times are tough, having something else to fall back on can help you find new energy and motivation to push through whatever challenge you face. If everything goes south, at least you have something else lined up so that your entire life doesn’t go down with it.

Get some sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to stress which leads to making poor decisions about how to overcome challenges. Getting enough sleep helps us think more clearly and make better choices about how you can confront challenges and deal with them as they come your way. It also helps us stay positive and motivated. Staying well-rested is one of the best ways to overcome challenges.

Do what you love because doing what you love may seem like an obvious way to overcome challenges, but many people lose sight of why they fell in love with their career or passion in the first place.


3. Focus on your strengths

Look at your experience and analyze where you’ve succeeded in overcoming challenges in your previous positions. Are there common elements? What strengths did you rely on? Draw upon these strengths when facing future challenges.

This will help you overcome any internal resistance that might keep you from achieving results so that you may live a good life. Remember: the challenge is not failure; the challenge is an opportunity for growth! Find allies or mentors who can support you. It may be easier said than done, but building relationships with those who have successfully overcome challenges similar to yours can be a tremendous asset.

Mentors can share their wisdom, while allies can help keep you accountable by encouraging and supporting your efforts along the way. Sometimes just having someone else to talk things through with can make all of the difference.

Take advantage of the resources available to you while it may seem obvious, many people overlook one of their greatest assets when trying to overcome challenges, their employer. If your company offers employee assistance programs (EAPs), take advantage of them! EAPs provide access to a wide range of services designed specifically for employees, and some even offer financial assistance if needed.


4. Solve the problem from different angles

Approach your problem from different perspectives and try several solutions for overcoming challenges. This helps you see a broader picture and understand more about your problem. You will also have better chances of finding a solution if you try multiple approaches.

Get help when you need it, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. It is important that you know how to overcome challenges, but sometimes we all need some extra assistance. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask someone who can help!

One way to overcome challenges is by asking yourself questions. Questions like what would I do in their shoes? Or how would I handle a similar situation? Are great ways to get perspective on problems?

Find inspiration in others because finding inspiration in others is another great way to overcome challenges. Find someone else who has gone through something similar and learn from them how they overcame their challenge!


5. Break down your goal into smaller ones

To overcome your challenges, break down your goal into smaller ones. Accomplishing small tasks are a great way to accomplish bigger goals. And each time you finish one of these tasks, you gain momentum and motivate yourself further toward your goals. For example, in order to start a business,

First, figure out how much money you need and determine where it’s going to come from. Then, create a plan on how you’re going to get there. Once you have all that figured out, then go ahead and start executing! Breaking down your goal into smaller ones is an effective way to overcome challenges.

It also helps build self-confidence because when you complete each task, you feel like you can do anything. In fact, it gives people more confidence than if they just had a large goal with no smaller tasks attached to it. It may seem counterintuitive at first but once you try it for yourself, I guarantee that overcoming challenges will be easier than ever before!


6. Reward yourself for every achievement you make

Every time you accomplish a goal, whether it’s learning something new or overcoming a challenge in your life, give yourself a self-imposed reward. These rewards can range from anything like taking time out of your day for relaxation, having an alcoholic beverage (if you’re old enough), getting together with friends for a day on their favorite activity, etc.

The idea is that you keep looking forward to accomplishing these little goals and reward yourself when you have accomplished one of them. This keeps you motivated and helps build momentum to overcome challenges that may come up later down the road.

If there are no external rewards, then use emotional ones: tell yourself I deserve some rest now! Or I deserve a drink! If it helps motivate you. Whatever works for you is fine as long as it motivates you to get things done!

You will learn more about yourself by trying to overcome challenges than any other way because overcoming challenges teach you who you really are. Think about it, what better way is there to learn about someone than to see how they react when faced with adversity?


7. Remind yourself why you’re doing it

It’s easy to get discouraged, especially in those first few weeks. In fact, it’s totally normal. It’s why some people end up quitting altogether. As your body and mind adjust to your new routine and responsibilities, you might not feel like you have as much energy as you used to.

For many reasons, that’s perfectly normal too, and it doesn’t mean you should quit or even take a break? Instead, remind yourself of why you started in the first place. If you need help getting motivated, check out these tips for staying on track with your fitness goals. They can help keep you going when times are tough. Also remember: The most important thing is to stay active every day!

Even if it’s just for 20 minutes at a time, you can do something towards achieving your goal! Make sure you schedule workouts into your calendar and treat them just like any other appointment or meeting that’s important to attend. If exercise gets canceled because of bad weather or an emergency, reschedule instead of skipping entirely.


8. Give up guilt trips and shaming tactics

Sure, guilt trips can be helpful in small doses, but constantly letting someone know you’re disappointed with them will put a strain on their self-esteem. Try focusing more on small positives and adding some constructive criticism rather than saying something like how could you? Or I thought we were close.

As we learn how to overcome challenges we also need to pay attention to these points too. Say yes to help when it is offered. Accept if your coworker offers to take over for you during your maternity leave! This doesn’t mean that you should give up all control of your work, but delegating tasks that don’t require your personal touch can free up time for both of you (and keep things running smoothly).

Saying yes also makes other people feel good about helping out. And if they offer to bring you coffee…well, that’s just an added bonus. Admit when you made a mistake: Being wrong isn’t always easy, but owning up to your mistakes shows others that you aren’t afraid of admitting fault.

In fact, many successful leaders have said being able to admit mistakes was one of their greatest strengths. It helps others trust what you say because they know there is no hidden agenda behind your words.


9. Write out a plan and follow it step by step

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 Photo of a young man writing down his plans

We all face challenges, big and small. Whether you’re working to overcome a personal obstacle (losing weight, finishing a marathon, getting over your fear of public speaking) or trying to reach an ambitious business goal (increasing revenue by 10%, landing on Inc. magazine’s 500 lists), facing head-on and following through with a plan that makes sense for you is key to overcoming any challenge.

Break it down into smaller pieces: A daunting task often feels much less intimidating when broken down into smaller parts, and research shows we’re more likely to complete tasks if we know exactly what needs to be done next.

So before taking on a new challenge, think about how you can break it down into smaller steps, and create realistic deadlines for each step along the way.

Another great way to conquer challenges is by breaking them down into achievable mini-goals. Think about goals that have short, intermediate, and long-term components, giving yourself lots of room for celebration after completing each mini-goal as you work toward reaching your ultimate objective.


10. Have faith in a higher power

Faith in a higher power isn’t just for people who are religious. It can be a source of comfort, and it can even provide hope when everything else seems hopeless. When you have faith in something greater than yourself, whether it’s your religion or not, it instills confidence that will give you courage in times of trouble.

And if there’s one thing we all need more of in our lives, it’s courage. Having faith doesn’t mean being ignorant of what is happening around you; instead, having faith means believing there is always a solution, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

Keep the faith and persevere through challenges because you believe there is a way out. There usually is! If you feel like nothing is working, try a new approach. If that doesn’t work, keep trying until you find something that does.

Have faith in yourself and your abilities, you got where you are today by taking on challenges (that’s how you became an adult!), so take on another challenge now with renewed confidence.

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