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7 Amazing Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

One of the most important skills you will need throughout your lifetime is critical thinking. Every day of our lives as human beings, we are all exposed to a whole lot of information, new opinions, and ideas. In this article, you will learn how you can improve your critical thinking skills.

And the question is, how do we know the right information and how do we know which of the information to believe. And also, why should we go ahead and believe in this information.

Critical thinking skills help you to develop the ability and the skills that will help you analyze and also evaluate the authenticity and validity of the information, the new ideas which you are been exposed to every day, and also help you to make some personal decisions.

When you acquire critical thinking skills, it will always help you to make a rational decision on what to believe in and what not to believe. It strengthens and sharpens your strength of logical reasoning such that you will always see things in the right and critical manner.

Below are some basic and necessary skills for learning critical thinking:


1. Seek more wisdom than information to improve your critical thinking skills

If you really want to know learn how you can improve your critical thinking skills,   create a list of principles and rules that will serve as a guideline on how you look at issues and claims before you can make a decision. You should go ahead and modify this list from time to time based on your personal experience.

Most People usually nurture this belief the major reason for acquiring education is to learn and grab as much information as they can, but little did they know that this information can be misleading.

I believe that it is better to acquire somewhat level of information and create more space for a handful of wisdom which can be more useful in understanding the world and also in making decisions


2. Always access and identify the assumptions of those presenting the evidence before you can draw a conclusion


Do they have any personal agenda? What are they really up to? Try to find out if you are going to benefit from eider their political or personal agenda if you eventually accept their conclusion.

Here you must have to think ahead of them, if not they will outsmart you and before you realize what is happening the deal would be signed and seal.


3. Learn to question everybody and everything

Flat young businessman sitting on a huge red question mark vector illustration. Business task concept.

One of the major attributes of every scientist is being skeptical, and this also helps you to improve your critical thinking skills. A core scientist always drives joy and comfort in questioning whatever comes around him.

Don’t go believing everything you read or hear without making your findings and investigations for that is not how to improve your critical thinking skills.

Whenever you receive Information evaluate it properly and even seek other people’s opinions before accepting and consenting to it. Don’t just stop questioning.


4. Do not make the mistake of believing everything you see on the internet.

These days, the internet is getting so wild and crazy. Though it remains a wonderful source of news and information, it is also useful when trying to find an alternative opinion and information on any trending issue of the moment.

So people believe that because the internet is so open to them that they can write anything and publish whatever they like and whenever they like. They write and publish all these without any form of editorial control.

So one of the best ways to improve your critical thinking skills is by having a total evaluation of any post you see on social media before concluding it. Always remember to think critically and apply caution.


5. Find out your personal biases and beliefs 

While we were growing up, we all have our biases and beliefs, all those lessons that were thought to us by our parents, teachers, and elderly ones, and even the ones we learn from personal experience.

So if you really want to improve your critical thinking skills, is time you go ahead and ask yourself questions like, what are your basic beliefs and biases, where did they come from, and what are the basic assumptions open which they are based, how sure are you of that your beliefs, and why?


6. Evaluate the source of an information related to a particular issue

Is the statement made based on first-hand knowledge or just research or even on hearsay?  The sources that wavered in this statement are they named or on named, is the information based on scientific studies that are already widely accepted scientific studies or just a preliminary scientific studies that may be valid but needs further testing and experiment.

Is the information based on a few isolated stories or experiences instead of carefully controlled studies? You need to ask all these questions in other to detect junk science.


7. Be open-minded and humble

 You must open your mind to considering different views and opinions, and hold on to your conclusion till you gather more facts and evidence. Then be willing and ready to change your mind if you have to.

Always have in mind that there may be a variety of useful solutions to a particular problem and also that there are just very few issues that are black and white.

On both sides of the issue, there are always valid points a very good way to study a divergent opinion is to put yourself into the other person’s shoes to know how they feel or see the world. Then you will be able to know their basic assumption and beliefs.

Be humble about the knowledge you have already acquired because “education is the progressive discovery of our ignorance” Will Durant.



It takes a special dedication and commitment to learn and improve your critical thinking skills, and to think and communicate logically is a skill that everyone must acquire. In other to continually flush out less and more usable information from our minds.

By the time we remove all the invalid and misleading ideas from our minds, we will only be left with only useful ideas and information. so go ahead and improve your critical thinking skills.

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