Spiritual but not religious – What does that mean for me?

Spiritual but not religious. That’s my favorite way to describe myself, and it can be the best way to describe you, too. If you feel that your spiritual side isn’t represented by religion or that religion just doesn’t fit with who you are, then this article will tell you why identifying as Spiritual but not religious (SBNR) may be the best choice for you!

I’m spiritual but not religious

Spiritual but not Religious is a term that is used to describe people who are not connected to a church or religion. There are many reasons why someone may not be religious, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how spiritual they are. The majority of people in the world follow some form of religion, so being Spiritual but not religious means you’re bucking the trend.

 This can be both good and bad. On one hand, those who identify as Spiritual but not Religious don’t have to worry about following rules dictated by churches and religions that may go against their values. However, this also means that these individuals often find themselves without guidance when making important decisions like whether to marry somebody or what type of education is best for their child.

As such, Spiritual but not Religious individuals may struggle with questions of meaning in life and existential issues that others rely on faith or religion to answer. Spirituality can provide an alternative path through which these questions are explored and answered.

I didn’t grow up religious

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I didn’t grow up with religion. I wasn’t baptized, I was never really inside a church, and my family doesn’t practice any religion. But when people ask me about it, I tell them I am spiritual but not religious. So what does that mean for me? It means that the way I think about spirituality is more inclusive than how most religions define it.

 I believe in God the highest power. I pray to Him, I also feel connected to other human beings who share this understanding of spirituality and all we are connected to in life. Religion isn’t important to me because it only covers one aspect of life: theology or belief in God or Gods.

My connection with God is based on faith alone, not on rituals or doctrine, faith alone can move mountains! For those who are interested in religion but don’t know where to start, here are some things you might want to consider:

 Does your tradition have an understanding of God/Gods different from the Abrahamic tradition (Judaism/Christianity/Islam)? Is there an appreciation for other faiths? Does it honor the value of reason and evidence-based thought as well as faith? If so, do they see no conflict between science and spirituality? If so, does their community also advocate taking care of our planet through environmental responsibility?

Is it possible to be spiritual without being Religious?

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Spiritual but not religious may sound like an oxymoron. But, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. More and more people are identifying themselves as spiritual but not religious. They’re looking to connect with a greater cosmic force and live in accordance with their beliefs rather than following the dogmatic rules of a particular religion.

There is no one definition of what spiritual but not religious means to everyone. For some, this might mean exploring different religions without any commitment to one faith system. For others, this might be about studying spirituality outside of traditional religious contexts such as tarot card readings or astrology.

 Some people who identify themselves as spiritual but not religious may see religion itself as part of the problem and don’t want anything to do with it at all. Others believe that there are many paths up the mountain that lead to the same place so they practice a variety of faiths while staying committed only to themselves and their own beliefs.

I don’t belong to any religions

I believe you must have heard this before, but what does it really mean to be spiritual and not religious? According to a study by the Pew Research Center in America, nearly one in four Americans today identify as spiritual but not necessarily as part of any religion.

 We all have different interpretations of spirituality, some think it has something to do with nature or an appreciation for the world around us; others believe in a divine power that guides our lives, and there are those who want nothing more than to contemplate life itself.

Whatever your personal interpretation is, you may be surprised by how many others feel similarly. It turns out there are millions of people out there just like you. In a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, they found that over 40% of Americans consider themselves to be spiritual without belonging to any particular religion.

 With so much diversity in views on spirituality (whatever it means for each individual), it’s no wonder we don’t all go to the same church on Sundays. Many of us would rather pray on our own time or get together with friends at home instead of attending worship services.

You can find your own path in spirituality

Many people find themselves in a spiritual but not religious place. They may have been raised in a religion and decided it wasn’t for them, or they may have never been affiliated with any particular faith tradition.

 Some people say spirituality is about a deep connection to the divine and their own life journey. Others say it’s about living by their own ethics and values without labeling themselves as part of organized religion. There are many ways to explore spirituality without being formally involved with any religion. One way is through meditation, which might be practiced on its own or in conjunction with other activities like yoga, tai chi, or qi gong. Prayer can also provide a sense of connection to something bigger than oneself, even if one doesn’t subscribe to any particular faith tradition.

 You could also practice mindfulness by taking some time each day to think about what you’re grateful for or cultivate joy by doing small things that bring you happiness. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to live your best life. The world would be a better place if more people found their own path in spirituality.


Spiritual but not religious means you are deeply spiritual but not a member of any religion. This means, you don’t have a religion and have never been baptized or confirmed in one. This can be because you do not believe in any particular religion, or because your family is from different faith and you were raised to respect the traditions of that faith. If this sounds like you, it’s important to know there are many ways to be spiritual without being religious.

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