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One may question or ask, what happened to the glory of the world. The language is drawn from the ancient practice of the oldest institution of the world.

Those who have studied “poepelogy” (study of the pope) will understand easily, but those who do not will do so in this article. It is a practice that after the election of the pope and he makes his acceptance waving of the hand. he has clothed accordingly from the window.

He sees the crowd waiting to hear the proclamation. “habemus Papam” (we have a pope) to be elected a pope is a great honor and privilege.

After all the rites and rituals must have been performed. He is reminded of the eternal truth that will help him not to build on the glory of the world.

 REALITY Of The Glory Of The World

Those who set out to build on the glory of the world lost the glory here and hereafter. The principle of the glory of the world sometimes is based on “how much I have accumulated no matter how”.

“How many are at my beck and call”. Power to say “let it be… and no matter how unintelligible. The power to speak on challenged no matter how irrational. “Power to have I will be done no matter how uninformed”.

The power to break the laws of the land and receive national honors. The power to be guilty but still and still dress in a robe of honor and excellence.


When these things become operational in human life, tragedy becomes his ending and what others benefit from him or her.

But the real greatness lies in how much I have bettered the world, not ‘my world’. Using my exultation at any level, how much I have conquered the world as ordered by the creator. Which is the first mandate of God to man.

History, whether ancient, medieval, modern, or contemporary are replete with those who have really banked on the glory of the world. Every continent has its own. History too did not keep silent on how they ended.

The LCM of their end is that some were toppled by their likes and executed. Some died in exile. Some ended in jail, some were stripped of all honors, and some were even sentenced posthumously.

Again, the HCF of them all is that none lived to enjoy what they accumulated and their memory causes convulsion on children and adults alike.


A look at this conversation will educate you more: “why do you flair up each time I mentioned obj” but I told you not to call that name in this house again… take it or leave it, he is a great man to you, maybe yes. He is the only ruler to hand over power twice…

Albeit reluctantly… obj led us for eight solid unforgettable years remember… yes, and he gave us a problem that may take another eight years to solve. (cf Saturday Sun Cracks June 23, 2007, page 6). This is usually the way those who bank on the glory of the world are usually remembered.

Again, in 1928, a very important meeting was held at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. Attending this meeting was nine of the world’s most successful financiers.


The president of the largest independent steel company; that of the largest utility company, the largest gas company, the greatest wheat speculator, that of the New York stock exchange, a member of the president’s carbonate; the greatest ‘bear’ in wall street. Head of the world’s greatest monopoly, President of the bank of international settlements.

Certainly, we must admit that there were gathered of a group of the world’s most influential/successful men. At least, men who have found the secret of making money.


The president of the largest steel company Charles Schwab died bankrupt and lived on borrowed money five years before his death. President of the largest utility company Samuel Insull died a fugitive from justice and penniless in a foreign land.

President of the largest gas company Howard Hopson is now insane. The greatest wheat speculator Arthur Cutten died abroad, insolvent; the president of the New York exchange Richard Whitney sing-sing penitentiary.

The member of the presidential cabinet Albert falls into suicide. The president of the bank of international settlement Leon Fraser died a suicide. “(cf shirt K Evans 1987)”

All these men learned well the act of making and accumulating wealth and fame but not one of them learned how to live. The reason, they operated with the principles of the Glory of the world.


Today, many of our Excellencies, those who yesterday wielded power are now hiding. Unable to return freely to the states they held sway yesterday.

Some of our Excellencies held to be inmates of kuje medium prisons and detentions in the country. Those who yesterday granted amnesty to the prisoners are now begging to be bailed.

Is the prison a sleeping place for the Excellencies? Prison and Excellencies are two parallel lines, but why are they meeting? If the drama continuous justly, you may discover that all our Excellencies may be inmates of one detention camp or the other and thus, passes the glory of the world.


To the youths, as you plan to take your model in politics or any other field of human Endeavour, remember the truth, thus passing the glory of the world.

Make sure that as an Excellency, you do not go behind the bars and that the memory of you those not elicit convulsion whether to the children or adults alike.

The only way to it is that you do not practice the principles of the glory of the world without reason and at the detriment of your person, your honor, your integrity, and those you preside over.

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